Achilles a'Lir (hingst e. Muscle Hill-Pau)

Bellatrix Zet (sto e. Hard Livin-Kentucky Kemp)

Benobi Zet (hingst e. Muscle Massive-Ruffles)

Big Cactus Zet (hingst e. Shaq Is Back-Jo die Lavec)

B.Marie In Heaven (sto e. Pastor Stephen-Kleo Zet)

Broximus Zet (hingst e. Hard Livin-M.T.Hallelujah)

Chapter N.Deo (US) (sto e. Chapter Seven-Brigham Dream)

Crucified (sto e. Pastor Stephen-Hefty Zet)

Dorinda (sto e. Donato Hanover-Ticket To Glide)

Dusted In Sugar (US) (sto e. Muscle Hill-Sugar Wheeler)

Emotion Man (US) (hingst e. Broadway Hall-Emotional Rescue)

Father Allan Lay (hingst e. Pastor Stephen-Credit Player)

Honor Thy Mother (sto e. Pastor Stephen-Nanny Ås)

Imagine'Em (sto e. Shaq Is Back-Cocca)

Increase'Em (sto e. Pastor Stephen-Popover Hanover)

Jordan (hingst e. Pastor Stephen-Niagara Zet)

Judas Iscariot (hingst e. Pastor Stephen-Parant Zet)

Miss U. (US) (sto e. Muscle Hill-Soxeelady)

Pontius Pilate (hingst e. Pastor Stephen-Kissnmakeup Hanover)

Son Of God (hingst e. Pastor Stephen-Symfoni Sund)

Wheels In Motion (US) (hingst e. Cantab Hall-Quick Credit)

Yeezuz (hingst e. Pastor Stephen-Pepita Zet)

Zdenka (sto e. Credit Winner-Filly At Bigs)